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Living Anew Therapeutic Massage is the product of 9 years in the business of bodywork and massage as well as lifetime of experiences beginning with childhood sports, college athletics, spirituality and healing, beautiful teachers, and a car wreck. We all have our stories to share. A past which brought us to the person we see in the mirror. What if we loved those stories and let them go? You know, focused on the present and the steps we are taking to create the tomorrow we want. Literally, Living Anew. To live in a new or different and usually a more positive way. Through a combination of structural massage and bodywork techniques to release physical tension and stress management  and self-care education, hopefully you, too, will begin to Live Anew. 


Cupping Therapy

When the well’s dry, we know the worth of water.
– Benjamin Franklin

Take care of your Self!

What is CUPPING Therapy?

Cupping is also known as negative pressure massage. It lifts the tissues into the cup through suction and in doing so, creates space within the tissues. This enables more movement of blood and lymph in the local area.

Cupping is a manual technique that has been used since the beginning of human existence to release Blood, body fluids, inorganic substances, bacteria, metabolic waste, and more from beneath the skins’ surface. It has been used for millennia as pain relief, to speed up the recovery from cold and lung conditions, and to release stale Blood from the body.

The treatment can be very stimulating for the receiver, and yet very relaxing. SO, it is also excellent for stress relief.


Cupping also draws the Blood to the local area, so we can potentially help to stimulate the Parasympathetic Nervous System by bringing the Blood back to the center of the body.

In recent times, cupping has had a mass resurgence due to the media attention that it has been gaining. We have seen many people who are in the public eye showing up on camera with visible cupping marks on their bodies. It has created a buzz, both positive and negative due to the reactions that some people have to cupping marks.

The marks look like sore bruises, and sometimes what is being seen are very extreme reactions. Typically, cupping marks range from light pink to dark red/purple, again, in extreme cases.


Cupping has been demonstrated to be effective in the treatment of the following conditions…

Arthritic Pain

Abdominal Pain

Stomach ache and indigestion



Common Cold,Bronchitis, Coughs from excessive mucus (generally a week after fever).


Low Back Pain

Painful Menstruation

Scar Treatment

Edema and Swelling

Aches and Pains

Limited and Painful Movement

SI Joint Dysfunction


Possible Benefits of Cupping:

• Clears body of debris, removes congestion

• Increases immune function

• Decreases/relieves pain & inflammation

• Releases deep muscle tension

• Releases and softens scar tissue & adhesions       

• Stretches muscle and connective tissue

• Increases range of movement

• Improves circulation

• Drains lymph fluid/clears drainage pathways

• Opens energy flow of body

• Promotes nervous system sedation


Including, but not limited to….

High fever, convulsions ro cramps


Allergic skin conditions or ulcerated sores


Lymphatic Blood Cancers

Abdomen or low back on Pregnant women

Inflamed or cut skin

Existing cupping marks

Injection sites

Serious heart disease/cardiac failure

Renal failure




Varicose veins

Liver or kidney disease

Disc herniation

Deep vein thrombosis/blood clots or any clotting disorder

Those undergoing cancer therapy

If you are concerned about whether or not you should utilize cupping therapy, please call 512-744-7483 to chat with Megan about it before booking.

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