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Living Anew Therapeutic Massage is the product of 9 years in the business of bodywork and massage as well as lifetime of experiences beginning with childhood sports, college athletics, spirituality and healing, beautiful teachers, and a car wreck. We all have our stories to share. A past which brought us to the person we see in the mirror. What if we loved those stories and let them go? You know, focused on the present and the steps we are taking to create the tomorrow we want. Literally, Living Anew. To live in a new or different and usually a more positive way. Through a combination of structural massage and bodywork techniques to release physical tension and stress management  and self-care education, hopefully you, too, will begin to Live Anew. 


This blog will contemplate a variety of topics from personal thoughts on life to informative articles about Massage, or humorous narratives and poetry. Perhaps studies on touch, and well, other things that might make you go "huh?" will be included. Come back often and put in your two cents! 

Find the Right Chiropractor for YOU!

Megan Crystal

     I am a HUGE proponent of Chiropractic and have been adjusted since I was about 13 or so. I have had a number of amazing Chiropractors over the years in the different towns I've lived. I've also spent about the last 10 years working within a Chiropractor's office. Suffice it to say, I've seen a lot of healing. 

     The Chiropractic philosophy, which says the nervous system holds the key to the body's incredible potential to heal itself, is something I whole heartedly know to be good, healing, and all together miraculous.

     I mean, it's our direct life force. AND did you know that people under Chiropractic care use 53% less drugs than those who are not under Chiropractic care? That'll affect the pocket book in a really awesome way!....I digress.

     With that being said, something has been on my mind for a while. OK, for years. I have had a number of new and old massage clients over the years tell me that the Chiropractor they see....

1. Isn't adjusting them.

     To which I respond: OMG! Find another one who will adjust you. Chiropractic works with the innate intelligence that is responsible for animating the earth via the nervous system. This is hugely important work. If they aren't adjusting you, they aren't using Chiropractic. 

     A side note: "Deaf Seventeen Years" is the (short) story of Harvey Lillard who was the first recipient of a  Chiropractic adjustment by D.D. Palmer, founder of Chiropractic. Talk about a killer adjustment...

Moving on.....

2. Requires them to come regularly, like 3 or more times a week, but after months of care, don't feel like they are getting better. Of course they can't change doctors because he/she is so nice and it might offend them.

     To which I respond: If you aren't getting better, ask your Self what you have done outside of treatment to support your own healing. Diet, exercise, postural awareness?

     If you are doing all of those things and not getting better, find another Chiropractor who uses a treatment plan and works to get you on a maintenance program and out of acute care.

     Find one who educates you on self-care as well, and then work on implementing all that they've recommended. You are in charge of your health care experience after all. Don't be a victim. If your doc is not working for you, regardless of how nice they are, find one who will. 

 THIS is why spine health is so important...IT CONTROLS ALL YOUR SYSTEMS! WOOHOO!

THIS is why spine health is so important...IT CONTROLS ALL YOUR SYSTEMS! WOOHOO!

3. Can't adjust them, EVER, because their muscles are too tight.

     To which I respond: You may have a subconscious aversion to this doc which can create an energetic boundary that does not allow you to receive their adjustment. It happens. It's happened to me. If you can relax and let them adjust, sometimes it can work. 

     However, if it's a regular excuse...Your muscles are too tight to adjust...Please, FIND ANOTHER CHIROPRACTOR! I promise, you are not the most muscularly tight person in the world. While one could not adjust me, another could. Check your Self and then make a move.

They may just be the wrong Chiropractor for you. No harm done. Find a new one.

     Again, Chiropractic works with the innate intelligence that is responsible for animating the earth, via the nervous system. It's powerful, and when it clicks, your world opens up.

My over all point is this: Be responsible for your own Self and healthcare experiences. Find what works best for YOU, and do that. This goes for your massage therapist (including me), as well as the medical community.  

     Don't do something simply because your doctor tells you. Educate your Self and be confident in your Health Care decisions. The only person responsible for creating your life experiences is YOU!

     Now, if you need a referral, I know some amazing Chiropractors who will hopefully work for you. Just saying.... 

As always, much love and gratitude!