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Living Anew Therapeutic Massage is the product of 9 years in the business of bodywork and massage as well as lifetime of experiences beginning with childhood sports, college athletics, spirituality and healing, beautiful teachers, and a car wreck. We all have our stories to share. A past which brought us to the person we see in the mirror. What if we loved those stories and let them go? You know, focused on the present and the steps we are taking to create the tomorrow we want. Literally, Living Anew. To live in a new or different and usually a more positive way. Through a combination of structural massage and bodywork techniques to release physical tension and stress management  and self-care education, hopefully you, too, will begin to Live Anew. 


Massage Therapy

"The natural force within each one of us is the greatest healer of disease" -Hippocrates

Massage Therapy

is defined as the systematic manual or mechanical manipulations of the soft tissues of the body by such movements as rubbing, kneading, pressing, rolling, slapping, and tapping, for therapeutic purposes such as promoting circulation of the blood and lymph, relaxation of muscles, relief from pain, restoration of metabolic balance, and other benefits both physical and mental. 


Types of Massage

Deep Tissue - Similar to Swedish massage, but the deeper pressure is beneficial in releasing chronic muscle tension. The focus is on the deepest layers of muscle tissue, tendons and fascia (the protective layer surrounding muscles, bones and joints).

Prenatal - In normal, healthy pregnancies, massage has proved to be beneficial to both mother and unborn child. Properly applied massage can aid relaxation, benefit circulation, and soothe nerves.(Milady's: Theory and Practice of Therapeutic Massage, Mark F. Beck) With the changes in the body as the expecting mother grows, massage is beneficial for the release of muscle tension and pain, Increase blood and lymph circulation, which reduces swelling or edema, and can reduce depression and anxiety. 

Sports - Refers to a method of massage especially designed to prepare an athlete for an upcoming event and to aid in the body's regenerative and restorative capacities following a rigorous workout or competition.  (Milady's: Theory and Practice of Therapeutic Massage, Mark F. Beck)

Trigger Point -  "A hyperirritable spot that is painful when compressed. They are so called because stimulating the point triggers a painful response. They can refer pain and tenderness to another area of the body that is usually not associated by nerve or dermatomal segment. Research  and practice indicates that deactivating the triggger point reflexively improves the function of the associated referred phenomena. When an active trigger point is successfully quieted, the referred pain and dysfunction will decrease." (Milady's: Theory and Practice of Therapeutic Massage, Mark F. Beck)

Chair Massage - A seated, brief, usually 15 minute massage, with a focus on the neck, shoulders, and back. Great for a swift rejuvenation during the work day. 

Lymphatic Drainage - Uses light, rhythmical, spiral-like movements to accelerate the movement of lymphatic fluids in the body. The techniques of lymph massage are based on alternate pressure and release movements and light stroking. Light compression movements create a pumping action that encourages the movement of lymph through the lymph vessels. Correct lymph massage accelerates the flow of lymph, helping to rid the body of toxins and waste materials. Lymph drainage massage promotes balance of the body's internal chemistry, purifies and regenerates tissues, helps to normalize the functions of organs, and enhances the function of the immune system. (Milady's: Theory and Practice of Therapeutic Massage, Mark F. Beck) 

Swedish - based on Western concepts of anatomy and physiology and employs the traditional manipulative techniques of effleurage, petrissage, vibration, friction, and tapotement. The Swedish system also employs movements that can be slow and gentle, vigorous or bracing, according to the results the practitioner wishes to achieve.  

Infant Massage - "Infant Massage is a parent tradition within many ancient cultures that has been re-discovered and adapted to the western world. Research conducted through the Touch Research Institute at the University of Miami School of Medicine confirms the importance of a secure environment and nurturing touch in the healthy growth, development and maturation of children (Tiffany Field, Ph.D.).

Numerous other studies have also shown the many developmental benefits of positive contact as part of baby’s early life. Infant Massage is one of the most natural and pleasant methods of providing this early nurturing contact.

What better gift could you give your baby in just 15 minutes of your time?" (http://www.infantmassageusa.org/learn-to-massage-your-baby/)

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